Thursday, August 25, 2016


Everyone has their go-to colours. We recently build a wardrobe in our bedroom and I moved all my clothes. The teeny tiny part of me that is OCD, had to hang and sort them into colours. It was pretty clear that apart from the obligatory black and white I love reds and blues and aquas in all shades. It shows on my layouts too. What's your colour you can't stay away from?
A couple of weeks ago Glennis mentioned she wants to do a purple layout and since I couldn't get my hands on any pretty purple paper, I decided we will make our own! So here it is, in all its purple glory:

Now I realise that just like me you might not steer straight towards purple (and I don't know why, it  really is a gorgeous colour!), so you can pick your own colours, as we will start with (almost) everything in white! We will make the background with stencil and texture paste...

...sprays, salt (yes, salt) and stamps...

 ...then paint a chipboard word (choose one from the shop)...

...and make the lace flower...

Add some charms and knick-knacks...

 and of course, some groovy photos. 
Now the question is: Which colour will YOU choose?

You will need:
- a few photos: I have used my 3x4" die to cut 3. If you want the rounded corners and stitched edge that the die does, bring your photos as 4x6" to cut down. You can do 3 photos in any mix of direction.
OR a 4x6" (landscape) plus a mini
OR two 4x6" (portrait)
OR a 5x7" (landscape)
-  You can pick a chipboard word at the shop. While there are lots of words to choose from, the word sassy will probably not be there (it was in my stash from lightyears ago), so don't get your heart set on something specific. Maybe you already have the perfect word? Bring it!

Class times are:
Monday (29/08) 9:30am
Tuesday (30/08) 10am & 6pm
at Scrappin' With Style @ TJ's, 21 Mayes Ave, Logan Central
Cost is $25 incl everything you need

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A multi photo travel layout

Travel photos - Anyone who's ever been on a trip has a million of them! And they're not always nice enough to dedicate a whole layout to each one. So, let's scrap a whole bunch on this double layout. 

You have space for:
One 4x6" (landscape)
Two 3x4" (landscape)
Four 2x3" (portrait)
Feeling adventurous? Pop mini 1x 1.5" photos into the filmstrips!
You can also scrap vintage photos, if you prefer. They'd go really well, too.

We're using papers from the "Just landed" Kaisercraft collection. I originally planned to make this a single layout, but I liked the old suitcase stacks so much, I didn't want to waste any. And so it had to be a double. I managed to use only 3 papers and a cardstock and I'll show you a few tricks in class how to stretch your papers further. 

You will get a choice of wooden embellishments, they may or may not be the exact same one I used. Janet used the same set in her Friday class and I got inspired by her using them around a circle, so I have gone with a similar design. If you attended her class too, this is a great way to continue the story in your album. 

There's surprisingly little fussy cutting (I know who will appreciate that!) You will only need a black or pine cone ink pad for the edges, a cutter and the above mentioned photos. Do your best to have the photos printed before the class, as it will be tricky to finish the layout without them. 

As usual, class times are:
Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 10am & 6pm
at Scrappin' With Style @ TJ's
Cost is $25 and includes everything you need. Kits will be available if there is leftovers. Let me know by Tuesday morning if you can't attend class but would like a kit. 

Cheers, Geli

Thursday, August 11, 2016

But first, let me take a selfie

First up, let me say that this class project is not strictly for selfies only. But if you have a teenage daughter, you know that a selfie is the best you can hope for when you ask her for a photo to scrap. And since the Boho Dreams paper comes with a "But first, let me take a selfie" tag, I knew this was the perfect photo! You can use a different embellishment there, if you're not game enough to scrap a selfie. I understand.... When I try to take a selfie, I look like Gollum! 

It took a trip to Melbourne to track down this wonderful resist paper, which we'll use for a background. Get ready to apply some mists and watch the magic unfold.

Yes, there is some fussy cutting (I alologise in advance!), but if a paper has such pretty flower clusters, how can I resist? They make this the perfect layout for vintage or wedding photos, by the way. 

 Then we'll make a nice little bottle cap embellishment and paint some chipboard... 

...add a few die cuts and tags and a pull-out tag for journalling.
Why not come along next week and do this class with me?

Class times are:
Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 10am & 6pm
at Scrappin' With Style @ TJ's
Cost is $25 incl all materials.
Just bring a 4x6" photo in either direction.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Music is...

Lights, camera, action!

Do your kids play an instrument? Have you been to a concert or a musical or do you have a favourite singer? Did your grandpa love the bagpipes? All these themes and more can be scrapped in next week's class. In short, it's music themed!

You will have a choice of tickets to use and there are some shaped paperclips from Ikea and a music charm from my2angels.

You will need a black and white photo in two sizes:
Print it as a 5x7" (zoom in a little) and a 4x6". We will layer those two to get a cool effect. Please note it'll look best in black & white.

Classes are as always at Scrappin' With Style at TJ's
Monday, Aug 8 at 9:30am
Tuesday, Aug 9 at 10am & 6pm
Cost is $25 and includes all materials

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Every summer has a story

Do you love the beach? We do!
In next week's class we will scrap not one, not two, but six photos with a beach theme. It will also suit beach weddings, cruises, Hawaii, that island you were shipwrecked on... and anything pool related.

Use the pretty Sea Breeze dies from Couture Creations and the cute butterfly stickers from Kelly-ann Oosterbeek and meet some friendly ladies.


Never scrapped and itching to dip your toes in? This one is great for beginners too! 

Classes are at Scrappin' With Style on Monday at 9:30am and Tuesday at 10am & 6pm. $25 includes everything you need. Just bring a landscape 5x7" and 5 smaller photos to be trimmed. 

Kits will be available if there's leftovers and can be mailed as a large letter. Put your name down for one if you can't make it to class.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


What happens when you forget to take paper home for class? You improvise with what you have. So, how about a neutral colour palette with some tiny splashes of red and the colour of your choice?

 I brought back an old book from Switzerland, because I adore the beautiful old German font. We will cut it up and make some butterflies. Rolled roses are easy to make and look good enough to eat with some junky glitter.

The background paper will get some slashes, with a bit of the red from the back of the paper peeking out. Mat it with any colour you want to complement your photo. 

Do you want to scrap more than one photo? This layout can handle a few more! Place 2 or 3 photos in a row or add a vertical strip of minis on the right hand side.

Bring your photo(s) 4x6" (or several smaller ones)
Join me at Scrappin' With Style at TJ's
Monday, 18/07, at 9:30am
Tuesday, 19/07, at 10am & 6pm
Cost is $25
See you there! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friends forever

How about something for your sweet girly photos, weddings, vintage or anything romantic? 

There'll be rolled roses and we will make our own pearl swirls.

 If you haven't made those before, you'll be surprised how easy it is! Maybe you'll never pay for another pearl swirl again. 

For good measure we'll add a bit of glass glitter and some frills.

If you feel inspired to scrap something pretty, join me at 
Scrappin' With Style
Monday 27/06 at 9:30am
Tuesday 28/06 at 10am and 6pm
Cost is $25 incl materials

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fingers crossed

Fingers crossed that you will be inspired to scrap some groovy photos with me next week! Graffiti and a city skyline make this the perfect project for any urban or teen boy theme!

There is a lot of cool detail in here from the good old bottle cap (Still don't know how to squish one perfectly? You need this!)

Layer like a pro... 

...and add some grit and texture with Colourblast texture paste and plaster's tape...

...use micro beads and glass glitter.

Then we'll add just a tiny bit of prettiness with Kelly-Ann's (from A Mother's Art & KAO) new butterfly stickers - they come in 10 different colours!

Classes are at Scrappin' With Style
Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 10am (6pm only by appointment)
Cost is $25 and includes everything you'll need

Just bring a mix of photos. 3-4 mini prints to go across the page should do the trick or two 4x6" in landscape (photos should be no taller than 4") 
See you in class!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Live, love and take pictures

Dreams come true (at least I hope the good ones will) with the beautiful Boho Dreams collection from Kaisercraft. 

It includes a huge die cut dream catcher and we will make it a feature by adding lots of small scraps to create this pretty kaleidoscope effect (as also seen on the Kaisercraft blog). 

This Don't get scared, all the difficult bits are already die cut and it's not fiddly at all! You will have a choice of papers in this range, from mint green to orange, peach and denim blues. If you'd like to change the whole colour scheme, why not bring a few scaps or a 6x6" paper pad, but keep in mind we're all using the mint green background paper. 

Then we'll add some feathers, fluff, and a few handmade flowers. Again, you can choose the colours for your flowers.
All you need to bring is a 4x6" photo to be cut into a 4" circle. If you're printing a photo, choose the "no border" option for best results.

Classes are, as always, at Scrapping With Style
21 Mayes Ave, Logan Central
Monday, June 13, at 9:30am
Tuesday, June 14, at 10am (Please note the 6pm class is only available if you book in)
Cost is $25 incl materials

Maybe you'd like to get some inspiration on the weekend? The biggest papercraft expo is in town, Friday to Sunday, and I'll be demonstrating the gorgeous Starlight paints that we all loved in class. Come along and say hi at the art Stamps Australia stand! If you'd like some paints, but can't make it to the expo, let me know and I can buy some for you. They cost $9.50 per bottle.
See you there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memories - a multi-layered, vintage layout

Find your romantic side in next week's class! 

We'll be layering gorgeous, vintage papers like there's no tomorrow...

...add some lovely texture to the background... 

...and make a pretty flower cluster using the oh-so-lush Starlight paints (again!)

All you need is a 4x6" photo (either direction is fine), a cutter and a distressing tool and then come on over to TJ's Scrappin' With Style on Monday, June 6, at 9:30am or Tuesday, June 7, at 10am or 6pm. 
I hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Imagine that!

So, as you all know, we have a puppy and lots of adorable puppy photos to scrap. 

Next week we're using a trick or two to put lots of photos on a page, but adding a mini flip page. There you have eight 2x2" squares to fill with more photos or journalling. I cut 2 photos into squares (be careful not to cut through faces!) and one I cut small. It will depend on what photos you have. 

Plus, another big photo hides underneath!

Lots of circles, masking and stamping give it an artsy feel. 

So dig out your photos and join me in class next week.

at: TJ's Scrappin' With Style
Monday 23/05 at 9:30am
Tuesday 24/05 at 10am and 6pm
Cost is $25 incl materials