Thursday, April 20, 2017

Organising small embellishments on a shoe string

If you're like me, you probably hoard lots of pretty stuff, most of which you don't even remember you own! And when you're in the middle of creating, you spend a lot of time looking for that special little something and before you know it, the mojo is gone / the kids cry / dinner needs to be cooked etc etc. 
A little while ago I organised all my little odds and ends by colour into one container and I have actually been using them too. 

I discovered that the cardboard boxed that the Aldi coffee capsules come in, fit perfectly into quite a few of my drawers and storage boxes. I don't actually own an Aldi coffee machine anymore. We didn't want to create so much landfill anymore and switched to a machine that grinds coffee beans fresh. It's delicious, but I digress. Anyway, you're bound to know someone who buys the Aldi capsules and you can beg a few empty boxes of them.
I open the empty box, flatten them and use my trimmer to cut them down to fit the height of my storage container (usually just a little under 1/2 the height of the coffee box, so you get 2 storage boxes out of each one) and glue the bottoms shut again. 
I fit 15 of these boxes into a 12x12" storage container from Spotlight. I sorted all my little odds and ends into colours, which is how I prefer it. I manage to fit a lot in each little box! Little chipboard pieces, tags, stickers, butterflies, buttons, flares... anything small gets chucked in there.

Now when I need something white, for instance, I simply pull out the little coffee box with all the white bits and pieces and I'm bound to have something that will fit. 
Apart from the 12x12" storage box (about $12 on a sale), it cost me nothing, I reduced waste and it means I actually use my stash.
Maybe I've inspired you to sort out your stash.

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  1. Fabulous idea. Love it and will certainly do this too. Thanks for sharing.